Full-Stack Network Automation, your way

neops.io, the smart way to network programmability.

Are you aware of the need of network automation, but you don’t know where to start?
In most cases, you are faced with an existing customer infrastructure and therefore existing components that are no longer technologically up-to-date. And to be effective, you need to work together with other teams, so a solely engineering focused platform is not living up to the expectations. So we developed neops.io, the tool for modern network engineering.
  • Network abstraction for easy task collaboration and delegation
  • Full power and flexibility to design your automation workflows
  • Easily integrate 3rd party systems via existing REST adapters
  • Platform-agnostic & legacy support (CLI, RESTCONF, NETCONF,...)
  • Workflow, business-process oriented
  • Demo today, automate today!

Get ready for the future, now!

The key to be competitive tomorrow lies in an effective network automation that is closely integrated into your business processes. neops.io was built for complex enterprise and MSP environments and empowers you to automate and integrate on the fast-track. Many organizations invest heavily in enabling their network teams to learn to code and to automate. neops.io builds on those skills and helps to realize value faster by providing a modular platform that takes care of the heavy lifting. This lets your engineers focus on creating custom network & business logic, while neops.io provides the overview, tools and mechanisms to handle the management part.

Network Agility

Automate your Services step-by-step. Come closer to business integrated network infrastructure and achieve intent based networking.

Network Operations

Get in control and visualize your network to your needs to identify problems before they appear.

Network Design

neops.io provides an „integrated development interface“ (IDE) that gives engineers the full freedom to design and automate the network in the most suiting way.

Real-Life Use Case

In a network with MPLS core, PE-CE routing and access switches, IPv6 had to be activated on existing IPv4 routing instances. This in itself is not a harmless task in a productive environment, in a corporate network with many distributed locations and even more critical due to the complex intervention processes during a shutdown. An efficient but equally secure solution was required. As is often the case, the most time-consuming tasks are the most important lever for optimising efficiency. In this case, solving the IPv6 addresses in the IPAM (IP address management). With a targeted integration of the IPAM interface and parameterised configuration templates, the use of neops.io has already significantly reduced the workload associated with IP management.
The whole migration was made even more difficult by the fact that the functions and relationships between the individual devices had to be mapped, as these have an influence on the configuration and were decisive for its success. Thus, a network segment in which PE and CE routers do not use the same subnet is rather worthless and can lead to a cut-off of the segment. On the PE routers, it therefore had to be possible to aggregate the routes of a site or to configure different access security profiles between clients, switches or uplink routers. This was achieved with the process-specifically compiled facts within neops.io, through which the relationships between the devices can be easily determined and which can be accessed directly within the templates.
Result: Effort involved was thus drastically reduced by over 70%.

Flexible Pricing

neops.io provides a flexible pricing system that covers all needs, from individual network engineers to highly complex service provider requirements.

Engineering Lab

  • Single User License
  • 20 Devices
  • 100 Ports


  • Authentication
  • Audit log
  • Config Versioning
  • Config Rollback
  • Individual Dashboards
  • up to 50-200 devices
  • up to 1000-5000 ports


  • Redundancy
  • SLA & support
  • unlimited devices
  • unlimited ports

Service Provider

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Distributed Architecture

Vendor Support


Integration Marketplace

more to come... 

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About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of networking experts that joined forces with a talented crew of software engineers and founded the company zebbra AG in 2013.

At that time it became obvious that DevOps was the way forward in the system world and our journey began to provide benefits seen in DevOps for the networking world. Along our journey we have built lots of tooling and helped important Swiss companies to educate their teams.

The solutions we have built grew from pure infrastructure management into user centric self-service portals. It became our speciality to design & develop full MSP offerings that are deeply embedded with relevant business processes.

In this process we have gathered many insights and stumbled upon many pitfalls. neops.io is the consolidated output of all this: a fun to use, no-bullshit solution that makes network management not only a lot faster & easier but also way more joyful.

Use it.